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Capture Lasting Memories: Top Tips for Your Photo Session

Updated: Jun 22

Planning a family photoshoot is an exciting moment! Here are some tips to ensure you capture timeless memories with ease:

Prepare the Family

  • Fuel the fun: Ensure everyone is well-rested and fed before the shoot to avoid meltdowns (big and small!).

  • Practice your smiles. For some kids, this may be the first time you're asking them to smile for the camera. Show them how to smile, practice with them, and don't be afraid to bribe them! Most families I've photographed usually end the session with grabbing some ice cream. And during the session, as they listen, they can get a smaller treat to keep them encouraged!

  • Remind the kids, (and your husband) why having family photos is so important! My goal during the session is to make this a pleasant experience, and I am not here to torture anyone! Enjoying the photoshoot is just as important to me than it is to give you timeless photos!

What to wear to your photoshoot.

What not to wear?

Shirts with large logos, graphics, words, etc. not only bring attention away from YOU and the backdrop,but can also date your images quite quickly.

Patterns can be fun, but after taking thousands of photos, I want to tell you that LESS IS MORE. Loud patterns can really take away from the subject and the background. We are in Israel and the backdrops are usually always breathtaking..lets keep our clothing simple.

If your favorite dress is all florals, or another pattern, and you love it, then I will love it too! I love when my clients are comfortable and feel confident. So what do we do if you insist on wearing a pattern? Mom or the girls will wear their favorite patterned dress, and the rest of the family will wear ONLY solids. That way, no patterns are competing with each other.

You are more than welcome to send me your ideas and I am more than happy to give you my professional opinion!

Where to start?

Does mom have a specific dress she LOVES and wants to show off? Does dad insist on only wearing a polo? Great! Building off of the most set-in-stone person/outfit/whatnot first will make it easier to fit other people in from there. Mom's dress can be the 'stand out piece' either because it has a beautiful flow, or a stand out floral pattern. Take a color from moms favorite dress and dress the rest of the family in those colors!

Sometimes someone in the family can be super picky when it comes to what to wear. Start there! Make sure they are comfortable, find what they would like to wear, and then plan the rest. There is a compromise. We don't want to see you in a sporty T shirt or cargo shorts, but we can find something in the middle. We want these photos to be timeless and to express your best self. That doesn't mean super fancy. But the term dress to impress can go far!


I welcome the less is more approach, but a cute hat, beautiful bracelets, necklaces, nice watches can be something that gives your photo a stand out factor! I embrace these options, but please keep it to a minimum.

For more religious families:

If you wear a head covering, I recommend a solid color over a pattern, since a pattern can really take away from your beautiful face! Of course there can always be an exception to the rule, and please feel free to send me your ideas!

For families with men & boys who wear black and white, I recommend mom wears a beautiful solid or pattern dress, and the kids wear solid colors! When a group of kids all wear the same pattern, the pattern becomes the highlight of the photo instead of their smiles. Keep to solid colors, use the colors in moms dress!

My favorite outfits for your photoshoot

Easiest: ALL WHITE. Have everyone show up in white. This will work with almost every location.

For pants, keep to khakis, not jeans. For girls, you can all wear a different white dress, shirt, skirt, etc. I prefer you all wear something different and not the same, just keep it all to white or cream.

Favorite outfits per locations:

Beach sessions, ALL WHITE

Old City & historical backgrounds, White, beige, brown, and one person can wear a pop color. My favorites in order are green, orange, blue or pink.

Nature sessions with trees and green:

Option 1: We can do all different colors for everyone, but we must keep them all neutral! Pastel green, pink, blue, beige, tan, orange all look beautiful together.

Option 2: pick 1 color, and everyone can wear a different shade! For example, Mom wears a medium tone green dress, dad wears green pants and a white shirt, and kids wear light green.

Option 3: Color Match. Mom can wear a patterned dress, and everyone can take a color from moms dress to wear.

The colors you choose matter:

Love the bright and airy photo look? Me too! To ensure your photos will express the happiness your family shares, we want to choose happy, and light colors. The darker your clothing, the darker your photos will appear.

Warm over Cool colors:

Try to choose colors that are warmer tones, like yellow & orange, green, pink

Cool colors are blue, purple

The softer the color, the softer the photos. There are a few exceptions where a bright accessorie can look really nice, and I'd love to see your idea!

Essentials to Bring

Here's a checklist of essential items to ensure your family photoshoot runs smoothly and captures those precious moments:

  • Comfy shoes: Choose closed-toe shoes suitable for the location, allowing for easy movement and unexpected adventures.

  • Snacks and water: Keep everyone's energy levels up and avoid meltdowns, especially for younger family members.

  • Wet wipes and tissues: Always handy for spills, runny noses, or unexpected messes.

  • Favorite toys or props: Familiar items can help children feel more comfortable and relaxed, leading to natural smiles and genuine moments. Choose 1 !

During your photoshoot

  • Arrive early: This allows time to relax, adjust to the surroundings, and capture those candid moments before the session officially begins. I always try to arrive to my sessions early to make sure the location is ready for our photos.

  • Embrace the unexpected: Don't stress over minor hiccups. Sometimes, the most genuine moments come from unplanned laughter or playful interactions.

  • Focus on connection: Forget the forced smiles! Engage with your family, tell stories, make silly faces – genuine emotion is what truly captures the essence of your family bond.

Beyond the Poses:

  • Capture candid moments: Let your photographer capture the natural interactions and playful energy that unfolds organically.

  • Incorporate activities: Engage in a fun activity your family enjoys, like playing a game, building a sandcastle, or simply exploring the environment together.

  • Relax and have fun! The most important ingredient for capturing genuine joy is to simply relax, be yourselves, and enjoy the experience as a family.

By following these tips and embracing the spirit of family fun, you'll be well on your way to capturing timeless photos that will bring back cherished memories for years to come.


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